TOTW (Tune Of The Week)

One of my favorite Guitar Tips episodes is Composition is the Answer. At the end, Adam states “ABC - Always Be Composing”. Closing is for chumps.

Recently, a fellow lapsed musician and I challenged each other to record a tune a week. While we may occasionally flex the boundaries of a week the project has been a great success. So great in fact that a music-loving-but-non-player friend has taken up the bass and joined the TOTW club. Great success - high five!

Technically my ABC is more of an ABI, since I tend to wait until the last minute and just make something up. But the ones that you make up and like tend to become compositions eventually, so it counts!

It turns out recording is a great way to improve your playing as well as learn a bunch of new stuff which is also (mostly) fun.

TOTWs are preserved for posterity in the Audio section of this website. Some are mildly embarrasing but good for a reminder that you’ve improved upon later listening.

ABC, ABI, ABR, whatever - join the TOTW club. Cool kids don’t just consume, they produce.

Jeremy Ulstad

Dad, IT Architect, Musician, Sailor

Minneapolis, Minnesota