New Toy, New Tunes

So I stumbled across this probing, piquant improvisation by Dan Phelps and had to google the looper pedal he was using - the Maneco Sweet 16. I also saw Mike Baggetta uses one. Tangent: check out his Wall of Flowers album. Then I found one on Reverb, and well here we are.

First order of business was to read the one-page manual and do a random improv to get to know the thing.

Next order of business was to try it in a musical context (i.e. as close to a semblance of timekeeping as I ever get). Result: One Track Wonder #4.

After that, I decided to break out my fuzz, switch to my one vibrato bar axe and try and channel David Torn. The fuzz had a dying battery and I didn’t have a carbon battery so I replaced it with an alkaline. I’m not Eric Johnson, but I swear it sounds a lot harsher.

And last but not least, another musical context with some semblance of structure: C minor space blues, baby!

I think I’m in love. Which means I will be massively over-using this for the near future. First world problem.


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Jeremy Ulstad

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