Missed my track of the week last week due to travel, so did one and a third today. First track was supposed to be a One Take Wonder, but I ended up doing three guitar takes so it only counts as 13 of an OTW. The second is a proper OTW. Both feature my new old amp, a 1966 Ampeg Gemini I. We’re bonding nicely.

First one is another minor-y, bluesy thing which never gets old. As Captain America would say “I could do this all day”. Can you tell I took The Boy to Avengers Endgame last night?

On the proper OTW, I also tried using the Maneco in a more uptempo tune. Thus far I’ve only used it for ambient, moody fare. Need some more practice, but I think there’s potential there. Although how I would ever use it live where I can’t flip the little toggles with my bare toes is an interesting question.

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