MFB Phase 2


MFB being the aptly monikered Mutual Fuckup Brigade.

So the gang got back together for the Guitar Tips Pro Live workshop of which I’ll have more to say elsewhere. And this happened.

Dramatis Personae:

Dave Zeisler - Bass
Dana Sergent - Guitar
Yours Truly - Drums

Recorded with one MXL 990 overhead mic. Damn thing is so sensitive that my left foot tapping the hi-hat pedal sounds like a metronome in the background. Caveat emptor.

  • 12 Squared Bar Blues
    Of course you start with a 12-bar blues to warm up. Squared because it goes on for at least 12 iterations. I lost count (a theme, it seems). Who cares?

  • For Whom The Bell Snores
    That time Dana plays Metallica on heavy gauge flatwounds through a jazz amp…

  • Rage Against The Something

  • Melody in F
    What happens when you ask a newly minted bass player to come up with a part? He kills it, that’s what.

  • PulfVeck
    Pasty Midwesterners try to get a little funky.

  • Aluminium Man
    If Sabbath was on Valium and Robitussin, this might happen. Based on that description, maybe at some point it did.

Jeremy Ulstad

Dad, IT Architect, Musician, Sailor

Minneapolis, Minnesota