Shelter-In-Place. My first and hopefully last pandemic.

I'm grateful for all the folks in health care who are on the front lines. I'm grateful the ones I know personally are OK so far.
I'm grateful no one I know has it yet.
I'm grateful my state called it early and brought the kids home.
I'm grateful I have the luxury (and make no mistake it is) of working from home.
I'm grateful I finished my Sanctum Sonorum before this hit. Being able to drum with impunity is a great aid to sanity.
I'm grateful for anyone who reads this.

Making loud noises in the basement helps me cope. Hope you enjoy these tunes. Wednesday Night Jams will be back with a vengeance soon. All the best to you and yours.


Me: Everything except…
The Boy: Synth on ExtraVive


Dirty Dishes


Guitar Impro

Guitar Impro 2



One Take Wonder 1


One Take Wonder 2

Social Distance


First crack at odd time. Don't hold it against me…


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