MFB Phase 3

Internet remote jam session #2, courtesy of Ninjam. This time we got the band back together (the full MFB!), as Dave joined us for the first time. If your bass player lives in another state this is the way to go.

For those who don't know what Ninjam is - it's a reaper extension that lets you join a server and play with other musicians. What about latency? That's the interesting bit. It basically runs a metronome (which we mute, cuz the click gets old fast) and you hear a measure behind. So you're playing together but not in real time. I think it works surprisingly well. Judge for yourself. All tunes are real-time improvisations, or as Pat Martino would say “spontaneous combustion”.

Much fun was had by all.


Me: Drums
Dana: Guitar
Dave: Bass


This was me warming up while the lads were joining the Ninjam server and preparing to make ready. For diehards only.

Da Riddim Sextons

Dave joined first so we did some rhythm section warmup. For diehards only.

Hazy Glide

Now the jam begins. Dana has entered the virtual building.

Billy Wax

Unusually Loose

Jeremy Ulstad

Dad, IT Architect, Musician, Sailor

Minneapolis, Minnesota