Here’s a couple of different categories of recordings I’ve made.

One Take Wonders

Stuff I’ve recorded.

LMH 1.1

Example video intro music for a non-profit.

Flea Jazz

Me impersonating an organ combo to test out a B3 plugin.


One for Sophie

Ethereal Mudslide


Thin Ice

A triad pair composition exercise.

Cold Mist, Half Moon

One of my first recordings ever, back when I only had electric drums.

Music Minus One

A couple examples of me replacing famous drummers via software.

Jumpin Out

Way out of my league in this one. Subbing for Vinnie in Joe Satriani’s band.

Come Closer

Me subbing for Chad Smith in Chickenfoot.

Big Foot

More of the foot.

Jeremy Ulstad

Dad, IT Architect, Musician, Sailor

Minneapolis, Minnesota