Wenj The First

Wenj being the Wednesday Night Jam in the basement. The First being the inaugural edition. Going to try and keep this going and get some more personnel dragged in. If I send you this, it’s so you know what you’re in for if (when!) you show up.


Me: Drums (exceptions noted)
Dana: Guitar (exceptions noted)
The Boy: Bass (first two tunes)

Recorded with two room mics placed with zero care whatsoever. Left ear is an MXL condenser, right ear is a Golden Age Ribbon mic.

We started out with a blues (of course).

Track two gets a name - “That’s Fine”. You’ll know why if you listen.

Our bass player departed for greener pastures so it’s just the two miscreants left. Slow blues.

And a rawk tune.

Then I fumble around on D’s Drop-D Frankenstrat while he lays down the beat Rick Allen style.

Now we resume our normal instruments and start experimenting with gear. We swapped speakers Eminence Legend 10" to Eminence C-Rex 12".

A little Phrygian Dominant for the ladies.

Ambient Looper time! I do some more Drop-D fumbling to show Dana the wiles of the Maneco Sweet 16.

Now it’s Dana’s turn. He dubbed this tune “Chaos”.

Fun with the auto-wah.

Even more fun with the auto-wah. Note to self: don’t tweak knobs with your ear right over the speaker.

Jeremy Ulstad

Dad, IT Architect, Musician, Sailor

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