Wenj The Second

Oops, we did it again.

Wenj being the Wednesday Night Jam in the basement, second iteration. Slightly thinner attendance tonight, but we compensated with fuzz.


Me: Drums
Dana: Guitar

Recorded with two room mics placed with zero care whatsoever. Left ear is an MXL condenser, right ear is a Golden Age Ribbon mic, with exceptions noted.

Will add some commentary after each track after I have time to listen to them.

Condenser mic only.

Ribbon mic only.

Both mics.

Both mics plus some eq to brighten things up a bit and some console plate reverb to make it sound a bit less like a basement.

Cathedral reverb!

Back to plate reverb. Also engaged the low cut switch on the console. NEVER AGAIN.

Ixne on the ow-le ut-kay.

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