Wenj The Fifth

Wenj being the Wednesday Night Jam in the basement, fifth iteration. Felt like rocking tonight. Dana brought his new Swart, which brings the heat. We also tried adding a mic on the guitar cab instead of relying on the room mic like last time. Also, no reverb from the console.


Me: Drums
Dana: Guitar, Ambience!


Subkick on kick drum
MXL 991 “wurst” on kit
MXL 990 room mic
GoldenAge ribbon on amp

Track 1

Track 1 plus overdubbed bass

Threw a quick bass part on after coffee next morning just for fun.

Track 2

Track 3

Looper madness.

Track 4

In which Dana gets ambient and I attempt the JT Bates mallet under the arm with brushes trick.

Jeremy Ulstad

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