Trouble In Hotlanta

Tonight marked yet another Wednesday Night Jam in the basement.

This particular jam being noteworthy for two reasons. First, we had the presence of mind to fire up a decibel meter and test our isolation whilst playing with an objective (potentially hostile) witness watching TV in the next room. We hit 107 db and had no complaints. Epic winning.

Not so winningly, the external world intruded on the sonic miscreants in the form of datacenter alerts from Atlanta, hence the name of track 2. You can tell when the pager went off by the impromptu drum solo.

However after a brief intermission to solve one small corner of the world’s problems, we had time to sneak in one final track.


Me: Drums
Dana: Guitar, Sysadmin Fu

Yes, I Fed the Dogs

Trouble in Hotlanta

El Cien Decibeles

Jeremy Ulstad

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