Staging area for recording experiments. Unless otherwise noted, I made this stuff up and played all instruments.

  • Ambien (2/3/18)

  • Duo (2/3/18)

  • Homework Blues, Take 1 (4/15/18)

    Recorded for Guitar Tips Pro composition challenge

  • Homework Blues, Take 2 (4/15/18)


  • Homework Blues, Take 3 (4/15/18)

    Double Ditto

  • DingleDangle (12/1/18)

    Got a mixer for early Christmas. Testing 1,2,3.

  • Phase Fuzz Bass (12/1/18)

    What happens when you run your kid’s bass through a Sunbender?

  • Cold Mist, Half Moon (12/5/18)

    Two people told me this sounds like Pink Floyd. I’ll take that as a compliment

  • Rage For Peanut Butter (12/19/18)

    Don’t ask.

  • Setenta Menos (12/21/18)

    Playing slow in time is hard. Multitracking is hard.

  • Silver Bells (12/24/18)

    Obviously, this one’s not mine. Happy Holidays!

  • Morbid Icicle (12/28/18)

  • 1 Bar Boy Blues (1/7/19)

    Happy New Year! This track features The Boy on bass, The Old Man on Guitar (tracked live), and The Old Man on drums (overdubbed). A fine start. We’ll work on the changes next.

  • Salacious Fur(1/11/19)

  • Ungoat(1/23/19)

  • ForThree (1/27/19)

  • Get On The Mic (2/1/19)

    Upgraded junky old mic from Demo Girl’s karaoke machine with a proper condenser. No compositional integrity or restraint here, just random thoughts into a new mic (bass and guitar) with some new placement options. Sounds better, methinks. One thing less to hide behind.

  • 12 Bar Boy Blues (2/2/19)

    Told you we’d work on the changes. This track features The Boy on bass, The Old Man on Guitar (tracked live).

  • Brother John (2/8/19)

    First try recording acoustic with MXL 991. Ancient Satriani cover.

  • G Whiz (2/8/19)

    First swing at Open G tuning. Need some new voicings…

  • RandoLoop1 (2/8/19)

    Insert cable mayhem. Yes, you can Ditto a mic’ed acoustic.

  • Feets Of Strength (2/17/19)

    When you’re thoroughly beat and try to channel McCoy Tyner for the first time, then record it. Great idea. First attempt at mixing and mastering.

  • Slide Into 14 (2/18/19)

    The Boy slid into 14 today. Happy Birthday Z!

  • Snow Day Blues (2/22/19)

    Formerly known as the Homework Blues, but then my homework was never quite like this! This time it gets a walking bass line, which it turns out is suprisingly tricky to do. Something to aspire to…

  • One Track Wonder 1 (3/3/19)

    Experiment: one track per instrument, one take per instrument. Effectively, a solo free jazz ensemble if that makes any sense. It really doesn’t, but that’s all part of the fun. Plus my debut on whiskey tumbler and some faux-dub mixer madness.

  • Coil Tap Blues (3/3/19)

    Today I discovered my #1 guitar has a pull pot for coil taps. Only took several years to notice. Facepalm… Experiment with coil taps plus wide-panning ala Tim Pierce.

    Left Channel Rhythm: both pickups tapped
    Right Channel Rhythm: both pickups humbucking
    Lead: neck coil tapped

  • One Track Wonder 2 (3/9/19)

    You know the drill. One track per instrument, one take per instrument. Did separate rhythm and lead guitar tracks this time. Wasn’t feeling the free jazz today, so more of a rock number. Of course an intelligent person wouldn’t play the rhythm and lead parts fingerstyle on a rock track. As Charlie Hunter would say “picks are for kids”. Sure did miss it on the solo part though.

  • NewFlats (3/10/19)

    Couldn’t take the squeaks anymore. Tele Savales has 11 gauge flats again. This is a rambling improv designed to let me hear what the the different pickups sound like with the new strings. Plus a Ditto loop blues jam. For the pedantic or bored only.

  • Warming Trend (3/13/19)

    It broke 40F today. Huzzah! Had to drop an almost-OTW to celebrate. Screwed up level on first guitar track, so did a second. Worked on getting good sync between bass and drum tracks. Also aimed for no “blues licks” on the guitar part. Think at least one snuck in though. Oh well.

  • One Track Wonder 3 (4/8/19)

    Got behind on weekly recording due to Spring Break. So last week’s retroactive TOTW is my first recorded Tone Clock improv. The Tone Clock is a complex and interesting beast. I’m just getting started with it and color me intrigued. In a nutshell, you create a 12-tone sequence by permuting a 3-note chord by a 4-note chord to get a 12-tone “harmonic field”. Then you can compose based on that field, or improvise using those notes. Check out 24 Tone Clocks for proper examples of Tone Clock compositions.

  • Sweet 16 Improv (4/10/19)
    First improv with new Maneco Sweet 16 looper pedal.

  • One Track Wonder 4 (4/10/19)
    Sweet 16 in a more vaguely musical context.

  • Sweet Sunbender (4/10/19)
    Try it with fuzz and whammy guitar.

  • Sweet 16 Improv (4/10/19)
    Last looper test: C Minor Space Blues

  • Fourteen Of Four (4/14/19)
    Clever name, huh? Trying to use the looper in a tune again. This one more premeditated than the last time. Think it sounds better when I just wing it.

  • Seventh Hour (4/17/19)
    Another Tone Clock improv One Take Wonder.

  • 430 (4/30/19)
    One-third of a One Take Wonder. Guitar take took 3 tries. Close but no cigar.

  • OTW5 (4/30/19)
    Playing catchup from last week. Extra One Take Wonder.

  • dimbulb (5/8/19)
    Tried to formulate a non-standard progression and possibly paid the price.

  • mistur (5/27/19)
    Quick etude inspired by Adam Levy and Jimmy Wyble

  • OTW6 (5/28/19)
    loop improv

  • OTW6 (5/28/19)
    loop improv

  • aggroDelay (5/28/19) extract from OTW6 by The Boy

  • vibeyDelay (5/28/19)
    extract from OTW6 by The Boy

  • warmDelay (5/28/19)
    extract from OTW6 by The Boy

  • warm Remix (5/28/19)
    remix of WarmDelay by The Boy

  • Gots To Move (6/12/19)
    this week’s TOTW

  • Stalagtite (6/12/19)
    a.k.a. OTW7 I bid you welcome to my subterranean kingdom