My Coffee Needs More Kevlar

Posted on 2012-02-05 23:24:15 by Jer
BulletProof Mug - starring Chow Yun Fat. Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

It's not quite bulletproof, but close. What?

I've been spending a lot of time goofing around in the kitchen lately, thanks to an enforced couple weeks of solo cooking which became addictive.

So when I came across Dave Asprey's BulletProof Coffee on boingboing I was intrigued. Coffee and butter? Two of my favorite things. I had to try it. At least my version of it.

For starters, grass-fed butter is about as easy to find as an honest politician around here. The Better Half found some "pastured" butter which sounded like the best available option. I also used coconut oil instead of the MCT oil specified in the recipe (hey, the stuff is made from coconut oil anyway and I had it in the pantry). Also, I used some Costa Rican coffee I had on hand and not the specified Upgraded Coffee.

Not much to it really. Make the coffee. I used the experiment as an excuse to break my stovetop espresso maker out of mothballs. Pour it in a blender with the butter (2 Tbsp) and coconut oil (one Elmo spoon - it was handy and I care about precise measurement) and blend until frothy.

By the way, I do not recommend letting your Better Half see you putting the six dollar yuppie butter she painstakingly tracked down for you (thanks Babe!) in the blender with your morning coffee.

Smooth Criminal

Doh! I had already put the butter in the blender, when I noticed the package said "lightly salted". If you followed the link above you will know that salt in coffee is a crime. Feeling slightly naughty now, but already committed I blended it up and...

It was pretty good! Rich and creamy, with good flavor. The salt definitely didn't help, and I'm glad I didn't use more butter because of that. I had already eaten breakfast, so I'm not sure if it would be satisfying enough to hold me until lunch ala Asprey's intermittent fasting method.

Color me semi-convinced. I liked it enough to try it again with unsalted butter. I have some of that (not grass-fed) in the fridge. Not optimal, but see the title of this blog for my opinion on that.

Mr. Asprey is definitely an optimizer. Read his stuff on mycotoxins in ordinary coffee to prove the point. I love optimizers. They provide lots of fodder for me to borrow and bastardize. I could definitely see some bastardized Bulletproof Coffee becoming a morning thing for me. Who knows - maybe I'll even order some Upgraded Coffee. And I'll be on the lookout for grass-fed butter and honest politicians.

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